About Me Headshot

Hello! And welcome to the J. Lynn Photography’s new and IMPROVED website! You probably clicked the “About” tab because you wanted to get to know me a little to see if I’m the right photographer for you! So… here goes!!

I was born and raised a Kentucky girl, through and through. The weather is unpredictable, but the sights and landscapes totally make up for it. Even though I’m a Kentucky girl, there’s a piece of me that loves the big city and all the glam it has to offer. You know that saying, “small town girl with big city dreams”…. Well, that’s me! But I never wanna live in the big city, though. I want to bring the big city glam to me, and you!

I have always loved modeling and taking pictures – since I was in middle school. My best friend and I would tack our sheets to the wall to use as a backdrop, use each other’s closet to find outfits, and take our good ol’ 35mm film cameras and shoot until we ran outta film. Then beg our mothers to get them developed ASAP so we could see! I want you to have the same kind of fun I had by modeling in front of my camera. I want those same pictures to be found years later for a flood of memories of that day to come to mind and remind you of the awesome time you had. Not only on that day, but your entire senior year! Your senior year is a special moment in your life that only happens once! Take your senior year by the reins and enjoy everything it has to offer. From the first day back to school in your awesome new clothes, to project grad, own your senior year!

I have a passion for building confidence in girls by showing them through the lens of my camera how gorgeous they are. Today’s society screams that in order to be “pretty” you must be a size 2 with flawless skin and straight teeth. I call bull crap! Everyone is beautiful in my eyes and it’s my job to make you see it too! I will be there for you every step of the way too – from figuring out what to wear, to making you feel comfortable in front of my camera and having a blast at your session. I will warn ya though, I say goofy things and am constantly tripping over my own long legs, but this all makes you laugh which makes for some gorgeous images. I look forward to meeting with you and planning out your amazing senior session!

Love + lashes,




*Photo credit C + A Studios