More about Project: 40 over 40

Magazine cover for Women 40 over 40.  Woman in hunter green dress laying on a gold sequin rug holding herself up smiling
Welcome page for magazine with a woman with long brown hair posing with a serious face with one hand on her head
Information page for magazine. Text welcoming women and encouraging them to do a photoshoot.
Text for magazine page.  Why this session is better than the rest.
Information page for magazine with a woman sitting on the floor of a grey backdrop wearing a red shirt.
Woman posing on top left of a page of a magazine.  Black and white photo with her laughing. 3 reasons to do the shoot.
Top 3 reasons to do a 40 over 40 session informational page in a magazine.
5 ways to display your images.  Informational page for a magazine.
What to wear for a photoshoot information page in magazine.  Woman wearing a white top with black cardigan smiling.
3 women posing for their headshot.  One blonde wearing a Kelly green, one long brown hair wearing black, orange blazer
black and white image of woman in a floral dress sitting on the floor with her legs to her side and one arm holding her
back cover of magazine with a woman wearing a green dress sitting on the floor in a white room.

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Living room setting with large print of woman with blonde hair above the couch