So I had my old website built and designed back in 2013 by an amazing husband & wife team, A Geek & His Designer. They built exactly what I had envisioned for my website and I was oh so proud of it. Over time, I slowly stopped logging into my website to update it, and truth be told, I don't believe I have logged into it for probably 5 years now! And another little confession? I truly can't even remember the website I need to go to in order to even log into it *face palm*.

This is what procrastination looks like.

I kept telling myself "oh I'll update it this weekend" and then I wouldn't. Five years has gone by (maybe even longer). My photography has gotten so much better in those five years. I've educated myself of new software, equipment, techniques in those five years. And in today's world, if your internet presence isn't top notch, you lose out on potential clients! I had to do something. HAD TO! So, I finally sat myself down and MADE myself design a whole new website, complete with my very own (first) BLOG! I'm not much of a writer really, so I'm not sure where this blog will lead to, but I'm starting off strong and going to start new habits and {hopefully} keep this going with every new session I do, as well as throw some of my ADHD randomness in here too ;)

Stay tuned!